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NS CR Omni Bass

12x de R$ 1.158,33


  • Solid rock maple neck and body, flame maple face.  
  • Acabamento: Traditional amber stain with clear semi-gloss polymer coating. 
  • Escala: Hand graduated, symmetric relief, TransRadius profile, with cascading dot pattern for position reference; 27.5" long, radius 2". 
  • Ponte: Phenolic, overall string spacing: 2.75 ", radius 2.2" 
  • NUT: Ebony, overall string spacing: 1.31" , radius 2 inches  
  • Ponte Pick Up: The PolarT directional piezo pick-up system responds selectively to either vertical vibration (for the sustained plucked sound, like an electric bass guitar), or lateral vibration (for dynamic bowing, and a percussive plucked sound).  
  • Captador Magnético: Low impedance EMGT magnetic pick-up system, with individually adjustable coils, and low-noise, hum-canceling pre-amp.  

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